A Conspiracy In The Making

The world is ending.

It’s always in danger. It’s always being saved. It’s always imperiled again.

All of that is just the back and forth of life. Things are born. Things die. Things clash with other things in between. Being on the ground floor of that conflict, “we” usually see such events as the end of all things up until we realize it’s just another event to weather and, hopefully, survive.

But behind that tug of war lies a true end. Existence as we know it is close to its end point. There is no hereafter once we reach this impending finale. There will be no final judgement. There will be no eternal salvation or eternal damnation. Even that will come to an end if action isn’t taken.

It’s hard to comprehend– the very notion of existence ceasing to be– and some would argue that our capacity to not comprehend it means it cannot exist. Maybe those threads of hope are a sign that these actions will succeed in the end. If the past, present, and future could cease to exist, how could there be a “now?”

It’s all philosophical theorizing that won’t actually solve the problem at hand, so those aware the situation can’t be satisfied with hypothetical maybes.

The world is ending, and despite all of its horrors, it must be saved.

That’s the real conspiracy– saving the world without the world knowing it truly needs saving.

It’s a shame we’re stuck with these people doing the saving…

Hey y’all, it’s the Chad Landon HexxJo Smith entity here. I’ve set up The Conspiracy Club as a sister site to Shin Mecha Guignol to be my home for fiction and game stuff. I have a story thing in the works, for which the site is named. I have some small table top RPG projects in various states of completion that I’ll be hocking on here as well. The regularity at which all of this will come out is totally up in the air, but it’s something I’m making a concentrated effort on.

Gotta actually get some things done rather than sitting about idly plotting and scheming and slacking if I wanna get the conspiracy going.

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